Sunday, August 4, 2013

Target Toy Clearance 2013!

So I was able to find some deals at 70-75% off regular retail. My pics are crummy b/c I was trying to sneak the stuff into the house so maybe later I can post more pics. Anyhoo I was prob late as they reportedly started on Thursday this year (last year it was the last Wed of the month of July) but I am happy with what I was able to find plus I have so much stuff already. The kids will love it no matter what.

Other items I found not pictured:
Hotwheels headphones for ipad $5.99 (kids are already using it)
Minny Mouse talking plush toy $5 (daughter already playing with that)
Hotwheels sets $5
Jake and the Neverland Pirates Playsets $7
Aquadoodle sets marked way down
Playdoh sets $5.99
Ridemarkerz $2.98
Nascar $1.48
Nan Speed $5.98
Orbeez $3.14
Novi Stars $4.48
Winx $2.38


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