Sunday, August 18, 2013

My Kroger trip for free Bic Pens & cheap Propel

My bogo propel coupons are up to $1.50 in value each. I didn't give the cashier my Kroger card and he took off $1 pr every 2 with the bogo q because that was the pre-sale price on each and wyb 9 they are .67 ea so they wound up costing .17 ea which is a decent deal. The Bic pens were .89 and the $1/1 coupon gave .11 overage towards each so I grabbed some eggs forgetting about the oop on the propel. Actually I was actually thinking that I might get $1.50 off on 2 lol!

Note: the Propel were still $1 on my receipt (weird that they didn't auto adjust to .67 ea) but on several of them there as a -$1.00 under the price and it said "hydration event." Also the Bic coupons beep b/c of the overage so the cashier put in $5 store coupons instead of manually approving each q.

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