Thursday, April 11, 2013

My Publix Neutrogena and Frosted Mini Wheats Stock-up YEAH!

3/3 RP has 1/3 Mini Wheats and 1/3 Pop Tarts coupons. I also had some 1/2 cereal Kroger coupons. The penny items were Publix mac n cheese. Had rainchecks for the Neutrogena bars and used 5/2 and 1/1 coupons THANKS JULIE!!!!!! We love the cereal and it is bogo (so are poptarts) so it's a great stock-up price. Coupons expire soon so happy shopping :)
The penny item on the first receipt was reimbursed to me later when I exchanged a coupon. Getting 14 boxes of Mini Wheats is awesome b/c we are stocked-up for a while :)

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