Friday, February 22, 2013

Publix Trip -- great week to stock up!!!

This was my first trip to Publix this week. I had a freak accident and sprained my knee and haven't been getting around so well so my shopping has been quite limited. Publix was sold out of a bunch of things I had intended on getting, so this is what I would up with. Hopefully my knee will get better soon so I can get back to the store! :)

Some deals I got:
Thomas' Bagel Thins .95 with .50/1 mf coupon (bogo sale)
Strawberries $1.67 ea
Buitonni Pasta BOGO (.14/.15 ea with 1/1 mf coupon)
Mahatma Rice .03 cents ea with .50/1 mf coupon
EAS bars free w/ overage with 1/1 mf and 1/1 green adv q
Oreos $1.24 (I think ea) with $1/1 mf and bogo sale
Perdue chicken $5.99 had $1/1 Publix coupon
Kraft fresh take cheese .49 with $1/1 mf coupon
Coffeemate Coffee creamers cheap with $1.50/2 mf coupon
Wishbone dressings cheap with .50/1 mf coupons
Green giant steamers .25 ea with .50/1 mf coupon
Belvita had .75 mf coupon so cheap
Friendship Cottage cheese was bogo and there were .70 blinkies next to it so cheap

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