Monday, April 4, 2011

Six Flags: purchase four or more Season Passes at $49.99 ea and get a FREE season parking pass! Must purchase by April 10th!

Season Passes for Six Flags are $49.99 ea (ages 3 and up)  if you buy 4 or more. Purchase with your Discover card and you will save an additional 10% off. Until April 10th when you purchase your 4 or more passes you will also get a FREE season parking pass OH YEAH! And then you can break it up into 3 monthly payments.You will also get booklets with your season passes that include free friend tickets! You can also purchase (at the park) a refillable drink container for $13.99 for 1 or $21 for 2 and it's free to fill up the first day all day and the next time you go back it's $1 a refill which is a pretty good deal if you are planning on visiting the park a bunch and get thirsty.

2011 FREE Friend Tickets are valid on these dates:

  • Mother's Day — May 8
  • Father's Day — June 19
  • Any one Sunday in September — 4, 11, 18 or 25

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