Saturday, April 30, 2011

Kroger is changing how Megas come off on our receipts starting May 1st

This is thanks to WUC:

"Everyone Should Read This: Change to the Receipt Policy
As I have mentioned in a couple of other threads, I am a cashier at Kroger in the Southeast. Tonight at work we got a sheet regarding changes to receipts that will take effect May 1st. They aren't major but if you are like me and you check the receipt to make sure you got all your mega sale discounts you will want to read this.

Starting May 1st, there will no longer be a "lump sum" taken off at the end for your mega sale purchases. Remember how it used to say "Mega Sale $5.00 off" (or whatever) at the end of the purchase for every multiple of 10 you had? This will no longer happen. INSTEAD, the 50 cents will come off EACH ITEM as it is listed on the receipt. This doesn't sound like a big change but to me it was so much easier the old way where you could count at the end and see you got 2 Mega Sale discounts (or however many you were supposed to get) instead of trying to keep track this way. We will see how it goes.

General Tips to Help You (From a Cashier!)
1) For general screen-reading tips, if you see something listed on your screen with a "PC" (or "FV" in some places), that means it will have a discount if you use your Kroger card. If you see something with a [+] next to it, that means it is part of the mega sale. This is an easy way to keep track of your mega sale items as they are being scanned. If your cashier scans an item you thought was in the mega sale but it doesn't ring up with a [+] next to it, ask them to stop right then and there. This makes it easier on you because you can see if you made a mistake OR if the item is ringing up incorrectly."

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