Sunday, April 10, 2011

Great Tip for Dying Deep Colored Easter Eggs!!!!

I blogged this last year and needed to remind myself of this lol.

Dying brown eggs makes for deeper richer colored eggs. I always wondered why my eggs always turned out so fluorescent looking lol! Leave the eggs in the dye for 5-10 minutes or less if you want to see speckles.
(Source unknown. My mom sent me the article last year.)

FYI If you are a Kroger customer, this week Fleischmann's and Parkay Margarines are 10 for $10 so $1 ea. When you purchase two you can get a free carton of regular eggs if you load that coupon to your Kroger card. Your eggs will prob turn out looking neon but hey--it's free eggs wyb margarine lol. Or you could just cook with the free eggs and buy dark eggs to dye ;)

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