Thursday, April 28, 2011

Free Garnier Fructis Pure Clean Samples

HERE These come from Walmart so they'll for sure come!

Thanks SD


All That Glitters said...

Did you watch extreme couponing last night? The first chick was in Bilo. And guess what she bought airheads and got hers for free!!!! Ugh!!! I just want to say something to the bilo near me!!! lol!

hope your having a good day!

Workin' The Deals said...

Hey Jennifer! No I didn't watch. I was too busy watching storm coverage. What's the deal about the airheads. I thought you said those were free once lol.

All That Glitters said...

They was free but the dang lady at bilo wouldn't let me get them free because they said "do not double" Just irked me and this hick on tv got hers for free! Dang bitty! lol!

Workin' The Deals said...

Okay well I finally watched the episode and maybe it was the way they had to ring it up where they were too busy dealing with all of those coupons to pay attention to the wording on them? Like the Marcal paper towels aren't those 'one pr transaction' coupons?! The stores clearly bend regular couponing rules by allowing people to split up their transactions into multiples when there are 10 pr like coupon pr trans rules or spend $50 get a $10 cat for oyno etc..