Thursday, April 21, 2011

Extreme Coupon Diva Scam OH NO!

HERE is the direct link to the Extreme Coupon Diva Scam 411. Here's a short excerpt:

"There’s been a lot of confusion lately as a result of numerous sites popping up and calling themselves Coupon Divas® or some confusingly similar variation of our trademarked brand. Beyond that, we’ve heard that some of these sites may be teaching ‘questionable’ coupon practices and even CHARGING to show people how to coupon while pretending to be US! Seriously?!
  • If the site blatantly suggests that you use a coupon for something it is not intended for - it is not Coupon Divas. (Sometimes errors occur, but I am talking blatant!).
  • If the site you are on is charging for a Coupon Class - it is not Coupon Divas. Everyone knows that we always give you our knowledge for FREE!
  • If the site is talking about and/or demonstrating clearing store shelves so that you can snag 100’s of an item - it is not Coupon Divas.
  • If the site is "suggesting" using coupons in an unethical or maybe even fraudulent/illegal manner - it is not Coupon Divas.
  • If the site is suggesting or giving tips on how to bully a cashier or manager just trying to do their job - that is not Coupon Divas.

  • If the site offers floor plans and advice on how to turn your kid's bedroom into a warehouse - it is not Coupon Divas!"

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All That Glitters said...

I have never heard of that site before. She has 86,000 fan though!