Sunday, April 17, 2011

Do you have any questions for TLC's Extreme Couponers?

Mr. Coupon himself has offered to answer one question from one of my readers. So please comment your questions below. Also, May 11th, Treasure who I've posted videos of her coupon sorting on this blog will be featured on the show. If you have any questions for her please leave those in the comment section. If you want to learn how to coupon like some of those featured on the show do, go to We Use Coupons HERE. The site is owned and operated by the guy Nathan aka "Mr. Coupon" featured on the show.


Anonymous said...

Why would you even choose to affiliate with the individuals that are ruining the coupon world? All they have done is promote smash and grab techniques,and Nathan is just as bad as the rest of them.

Workin' The Deals said...

Okay Anon (please state your name thanks) I have really done my best to cover it from both sides. If you have noticed I have posted several blog entries strictly on the topic of extreme coupon fraud. This is merely a journalistic opportunity for us to ask Mr. Coupon some questions. I do know after reading posts from Amanda and Nathan who were both featured on the original episode that they coupon for charitable causes but TLC edited that all out to make them look coupon obsessed. They pre-ordered all of their stuff but TLC wanted to film them shelf clearing. Also the show wanted to film them unloading groceries into their homes instead of delivering them directly to the food bank--to make it look all extreme. I hear what you are saying but I think this is a unique opportunity for the every day reader to be able to ask them a question.