Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Walmart not giving overage period

I went to Walmart Monday night to get some Beneful and Gain and those bagels which they don't even carry at my store and it was like getting back together with an X boyfriend and then remembering why we broke up in the first place!!!!

At at check-out the cashier manually over-rode my Gain with no problem but she started to shake when my total dropped to very little after she pushed thru my Beneful coupons which clearly state ANY ONE ANY SIZE. (I could've purchased fewer to fly under the radar apparently because she didn't even have a problem with the Gain!!) So the cashier called over the CS who said, 'Nope! Picture doesn't match there is no way we can take those coupons' ya de ya da. Then his boss came over and said the picture didn't match and even though it clearly states (item pictured) OR ANY ONE ANY SIZE he decided to interpret the coupon himself saying that the manufacturer only intended ya de ya da by exclaiming that he had never seen a coupon value higher than the item in 20 something years working in the grocery business (insert laughter here.) Then they guy said he would let me get everything just this one time???!!! HUH?!?!!? Course the Gain picture on the coupon was the item I was purchasing so they changed their story to saying that they wouldn't get reimbursed and the cashier's drawer would be off. So if that is the case why did they try to say 'we'll let you do it just this one time?!'

In Summary, Walmart needs to wake up and smell the coffee. Don't tell your customers that they are doing something wrong but then say 'I'll let you do it just this one time!' Basically any store with a wacko coupon policy like that is shooting themselves in the foot since we are in a recession and every penny counts. The holidays are coming and this Santa certainly won't be buying any toys at that store with that kind of an attitude. Stores like Publix and Kroger who have fantastic coupon acceptance policies and who give penny items and fuel points and who double coupons will be getting my business!

***I went to Kroger, used my Beneful coupons, got a $5 Purina catalina AND fuel points

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JulieW said...

not much love for walmart !!! you are not alone .....lol...its always great to find a good cashier...one that shakes is just so funny...poor thing..