Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Kroger: stocked up on Frozen foods with the current Mega Sale

I got :
1 Totino's Pizza $1 (free with .50/1 that doubled)
1 Totino's Pizza rolls $1 (free with .50/1 that doubled)
2 Hungry Man Dinners $1.78 ea with mega sale (used 2/1 facebook ips so both free)
8 Chungs egg rolls (LOVE THESE!!!) 1.99 ea with mega sale (used 8 x .35/1 that doubled so $$$1.30 ea!!!)
2 Tide laundry detergents 30 load bottles $4.99 ea after $2 instant savings (used &1/1 mf, $2/1 mf, $1/1 loadable so one worked out to being $2.50 and the other $3.50 plus tax)
Total was 71% off regular prices $15.15 plus tax (cheaper than a dinner out AND I have laundry detergent!)

**There is a $1.50 ANY Beneful coupon that you can load to your card HERE which didn't come off for me so hopefully it will next time :)

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