Friday, October 22, 2010

Kroger: possibly free and money maker Schick Razors thru 12/4

Schick razors are bogo at Kroger thru 12/4. There is a BOGO coupon in the 9/29 SS (I believe) and a $2/1 mf coupon in the 9/12 SS so depending on how your store rings up bogo sales you could make it a $2 money maker. I'm pretty sure that at my store bogo sales ring up 50% so depending on how the cashier keys in your coupon amount (if they take off the full amount on the coupon it would work) or if your store rings up as a true bogo you can score free razors and some extra!!!!!  I didn't have the $2 mf coupon so I wasn't able to test it but I'm passing it along.

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